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By on April 29, 2014 . Category Column

I am a columnist and a blogger and yet I still have a hard time understanding the difference between a column and a blog.  Once upon a time they were distinguishable by medium.  A blog was online with immediate writer/reader interaction and moment-to-moment updates while a column was published in a more traditional format, like a magazine or newspaper.  The response time between writer and reader lagged.  Readers would write into the publication with comments that may or may not be published with an author rebuff in the next edition.

But in the advent of e-columns the lines have blurred.  Online columns have eliminated the passivity of traditional columns, making them instantly engaging for the author and reader.  Entering a grey area, the question is now posed:

If columns and blogs both consist of regularly posted electronic passages that maintain an underlying theme and instant writer/reader interfaces, how can we tell the difference?

The general consensus is that the two can be discernable by structure, deadline and length.  A column is more formal in structure with a less conversational tone.  It has a set deadline and a fixed length.  The schedule is regulated with articles posting on a consistent basis, perhaps weekly or monthly.

In contrast, a blog is more casual in terms of structure, word length and tone with a seemingly erratic schedule.  Perhaps, you post twice this week and once next week – when the mood strikes, so to speak.  It is more likely for a blog to be accompanied by a photo or video, but even that stereotype seems to be changing in today’s ever-changing technological advances.

Although styles and schedules may differ, both require a writer with ingenuity.  Columnists and bloggers have to create new ideas and write about them in a compelling manner in order to sustain a following, so they can write on


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