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Coaching the Coachee – Do you Know your Goal?

By on June 20, 2013 . Category Book Genres

If you are reading these words you possibly already know how to write, but you are looking for improvement. That’s good! Getting professional tips is helpful if you want to be highlighted in this competitive market. And of course, you can also professionalize yourself and help others.

A writing coach, basically, helps an author – known as the coachee – with understanding the concepts of literature. As a coachee, you may have read many books, or taken various literature courses, but this does not guarantee you will write award-winning literature one day. Having a coach does not guarantee this either, but this professional will help you learn how to use your beliefs and self-understanding to write high-quality literary works. A coach will never dictate what the coachee writes about, or the direction that your story will go in. The coach and coachee both rely on each other for the relationship – and the results of the relationship – to be successful.

A coachee needs a coach to help learn about the world of writing. A lot of people have an interesting story that has happened in their lives, or a fact that they want to share, but not everyone knows how to tell that story. There is an art to storytelling, and a coach can help you throughout the entire process, even to find out the final goals. This person will help you develop strong characters that will hold a reader’s attention from the beginning of the story, until the last page.

As a coachee, you will also help your coach develop efficient coaching strategies and techniques, such as working in other genres and incorporating new lesson plans. A professional coach may be accustomed to a specific writing style or genre, but you could inspire the coach to venture off into another specialization area, based on your writing style and ability.  These writing sessions will also help coaches learn how to facilitate with a high level of patience and inspiration.

If you want to become a coachee, you need to make the choice to begin writing. A writing coach is not necessary if you do not have the desire and determination to write your novel. A writing coach has experience in publishing, and most have written their own novels and other published works. An experienced coach will have a college degree pertaining to English or creative writing, and needs to decide if they will coach online or in-person; likewise, a coachee must decide what methods of learning will be better for them.

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  • Linn Reights

    Interesting! What makes a Coach different from an editor or literary agent?

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