Choosing a Topic

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Sometimes picking the topic in which to write can be the hardest part of the writing experience.

If I may use myself as an example, when I decided to write a book, the topic selection was crucial.  What would sustain my interest?  What would inspire passion?  This was going to be my masterpiece and a checkmark off my bucket list.  For such an important (and lengthy) piece of work, I realized the subject matter had to be near to my heart and monumentally life-altering. So, I determined it would be best to pursue a slice-of-life memoir about my high-risk pregnancy.

Switching gears, when I used to write How-to articles, my choices were made by my head instead of my heart. Here, I selected topics I was previously knowledgeable in, so I had a foundation in which to build upon with further research.

When submitting editorial column ideas, however, I chose to think outside the box.  In fact, my lack of knowledge propelled the “Teck-tock” concept.  I wanted to challenge myself and stay abreast of current technology trends.  Thus, I created an editorial column about my views on technologies that enhance the reading experience.

In summary, I believe the topic should correspond with the type of work.  If you are a sports writer writing for a sports magazine, keep your topics relevant and pertinent to sports.  Figure out what you want to write about and what the publication wants you to write about and try to merge the two.

If you have an entertainment beat, but you really want to cover politics, write about a celebrity with political aspirations.  Find a way to stay germane to the brand, but spin it so that your personal interest is piqued.  No matter what the topic, the more you’re invested, the better you’ll write.  So pick a topic, make it work and then write on


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