Bring it on – Lolla 2013 is ON!

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The challenge is launched! The Lollapalooza – Your Own Festival is a book project written simultaneously by four cultural journalists who are going to participate on the Lollapalooza festival in Brazil, Chile and USA, collaborating with their content and expertise.

The focus is, to show the social and cultural behavior´s side and different aspects related to the musical festival. They want to record the moment where fans meet their idols, a tribe their bands, but always having in mind, the Lollapalooza Music Festival and the host cities involved.

Also, the project wants to search for different stories, not only by writing testimonies, but talking to a member of a band, participants of the event, and testimonies from a staff, and interviews with musicians, all in one.

The book will be updated at the same day the event is running. This way, readers will have the chance to know more about the event and others subjects related to it. It is a unique experience ever written about a huge musical festival.

The big thing about this project is that you don´t need to be a journalist to contribute with your content too. You can simply collaborate by adding comments, suggestions, photos, videos, personal experiences from the event, and much more. The collaborative content added from anywhere will be part of a global digital writing project ever written!

The book will be available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish version on Widbook. What are you waiting for…?!

Welcome to your digital stage. Welcome to your own festival!

 Click here to check out the Lollapalooza Book!

Widbook is also promoting a contest where you drop your line writing about your craziest story form a musical festival you have been, the phrase is “Which crazy story from a music festival do you have to tell?” The winner will win an original Fender guitar + a case customized by Gustavo Nénão. To know more about the contest, click here.

[The contest available is just for Brazil and Chile territory only. For US citizens the contest will be available soon!]

About the Authors 

Bianka SaccomanA Journalist expert in cultural production. She did write about few events related to music, movie, dance performance, gastronomy and theater. Since 2008, she participates on the process of producing a short film and other audio visual projects. Today, she is a contributor for a Publishing Co. and Communication Agencies.

Gustavo MesaIs a journalist graduated from Mackenzie University in Brazil, since 2009. From 2011 to 2012 he got his masters in Sports Journalism by Cataluña International Universidad in Barcelona. Gustavo has worked for Mundo Deportivo Journal, Terra website, Peixe Urbano and much more. Also was a freelancer for development applicative content and his last job were to cover a tournament sponsor by Nike located in Rio, Brazil.

Junior Bellé – Is a journalist graduated from UEPG in Brazil, and is post graduated in Literary Journalism from ABJL in Brazil. Junior was a chef editor for UP! Magazine for almost two years, also worked as a reporter on the writing department for Placar Magazine. Also, he has worked for ALFA and Playboy as an editor. He has a website called Nego Dito dedicated to independent culture and narrative journalism.

Théa RodriguesIs a Journalist graduated from Mackenzie University in Brazil, since 2009. She got her master in Armed Conflicts Journalism from Barcelona University in Spain.  Since 2006, she has worked for magazine such as Rolling Stones and Caras. Also, she contributed for newspapers like Brasil de Fato and O Estado de S. Paulo. In her trajectory also includes Portal Terra and Press Consulting.



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