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Books + People: A Great Year at Widbook – By Flavia Frossard

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When readers or writers find more book lovers, it is always a great meeting. And for me that’s the best part of Widbook, but of course there is also a lot more :)

I should say that I am a widbooker from the beginning of this story. First as a collaborator and now as part of the team. From the first day until now it has always been exciting to find a new author or an amazing eBook to read. After all, life is made up of stories. Some are real and some just appear in our minds, but all of them are the reason why we dream and live (at least in the imagination) a lot of lives.

So, the top 5 things on Widbook in 2013 for me were:


Great growth of new and good writers

We can truly say that we have good stories and contents that make us laugh, cry, dream and imagine! And that’s what books are made for, isn’t it?


New design

The bookshelf and collaboration areas look a lot better and are also easier to use! I love the recommendation feature and after the changes in design I have been able to connect and get closer to other writers and readers.


The Google and iOS Apps!

Wow, I think this could easily win first place. Carrying Widbook with me all the time is great! I love to read and look for new stories and now I can do it in a line at the bank, on the bus or anywhere in the world!


Attending the Frankfurt Book Fair

That was definitely a moment to remember! The biggest book Fair in the world, and we were there, discussing innovations in the ebook and digital marketing. And not only with a booth, but also in discussion groups, and listening and collaborating with studies involving digital publishing.


Social Media, of course!

This blog has becoming a source of tips for writers, nice interviews and news about the digital publishing market. We are also proud of our Facebook Page and Twitter and LinkedIn company profile. It is nice to see so many users sharing their contents on Widbook in the other media, and it is also a pleasure to be close to all widbookers through there! So if you need anything, we are here for you and now we are also on Instagram and Pinterest!


Those are my choices for 2013! For 2014 I wish for more ebooks, more people sharing ideas and most importantly, more emotions from all the stories that life is preparing for us!

A great Christmas and New Year to all of you, widbookers, who are building this story with us ;) Cheers!


By Flavia Frossard. Flavia is the Social Media Manager at WIdbook and she has been with us since the beginning, always in contact with the community.


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