Behind the Camera – An Interview with NetflixYouTube Star Felipe Neto

Behind the Camera – An Interview with Netflix/YouTube Star Felipe Neto

By on September 12, 2013 . Category Inside Widbook

By Gabriela Loschi


He gained fame doing videos ono YouTube in Brazil and now he just released his first book, “Não Faz Sentido – Por Trás da Câmera,” (something like: “It doesn’t Make Sense: Behind the Cameras”, in English) which you can read a sample of on Widbook, by clicking here . Felipe Neto talked exclusively with us about the new challenges of writing a book. Get to know the guy behind the sarcastic and humorous character he created.


You are a true innovator. In Brazil, you released the first Netflix series, you have a blog and are the most famous Brazilian vloger.  Also, you’re an entrepreneur! I feel that everything you do is a satire of the reality and of your own life. Who and what are your influences?

I have a lot of influences and my book went through many of them. I would say that my biggest influence is the most genius humorist that has ever existed: George Carlin. I watched everything available about him at least five times each. And I don’t get tired of it. Other big influences that I have are Ricky Gervais, Jim Carrey, series’ like How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, The Office and Friends, among many others.


Why did you feel you needed to write a book and what does it represent in terms of your career?

I felt that the story that was happening on the backstage of my YouTube program “Não Faz Sentido” (something like “It doesn’t Make Sense,” in English), should be told. In the end, the book became something bigger than this. It’s a book about the backstage of something that innovated entertainment. This is what I think is most interesting.


The book showcases your characteristic sarcastic humor. But in the introduction you say that the reader is going to get to know your “other face,” than the one from “Não Faz Sentido.” Which “other face” do you want to show to the world and which methods of writing did you follow to show this “face”?

The type of humor that I put in the book is personal. It has to do with who I am in real life. It’s that humor between lines, with no intention of being comedic. That’s pretty much how I am in real life. The method of writing that I followed was the “phillip-nettinson,” developed in 1875 by the huge English man who discovered “Poliné.” Okay, I am kidding. I don’t have any idea which method of writing I followed. I just wrote it.


The younger generation, video addicts in a sense, will they read your book? What kind of writing tips would you give to this younger generation?  

I am having an incredible response. There are a huge amount of pictures on social media of the book being read. So I think the public embraced “Não Faz Sentido – Por Trás da Câmera.” I am happy because for months what we saw most on social media were pictures of people reading “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It’s not that my book is good, but even “watching paint dry” is better than “Fifty Shades of Grey.” In regards to writing tips for young people, I have just one: write! When I was 11 I stated writing Harry Potter’s fan-fics and I spent much of my teen years writing a lot. I never stopped and this is a differential in my life. Just write!


You released your book in traditional print format and in digital format, too. How do you see the ebook market nowadays, in Brazil and around the world?

Well, I don’t have any idea. It’s all very new for me, so I am surprising myself. My publishing house just told me that the first edition was 15 thousand copies and they already asked to print again in three weeks. I don’t know if this is wonderful, or something median or bad. I just trust what they say. As far as ebooks, I know they work, I know they’re there to buy and that they sell, but that’s the only thing I know. I am starting to really understand this crazy literature world.


Much like you helped to break paradigms in your industry, Widbook, which published a sample of your book, is helping to break paradigms in the publishing industry. How do you see Widbook and its mark on the editorial market? Did you like the platform?

I liked it a lot and I think this kind of initiative is essential to all kinds of markets. As I said, I am still trying to understand how this literary world works, it’s still difficult for me. I came from the Youtube world, where we publish a video and the return is immediate. You have the views, the commentaries, the money received from the video; it’s all instant. In this literature world, Widbook is one of the few things that I could understand, precisely because it is from this new generation. Congrats for the work you are doing — you from the Widbook team are very good!



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