Are you trying to find a publisher to print your ebook Take these tips

Are you trying to find a publisher to print your ebook? Take these tips

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I used to think that the Bienal was “only” a huge book fair to find cheap books at. For all the authors who think the same as I did, I have a surprise! The Bienal is much more than that: it’s an opportunity to make important contacts with publishers and to reach your target audience. I attended 3 days of the last Bienal do Livro in Rio de Janeiro and, since I already had one book  written, my intention for this event changed quite a bit since the year before. This time, I needed contacts with publishing houses! So I decided to try my luck at the fair. After my experience, I came to some important conclusions and I will provide five valuable tips to you here


1 – Establish Your Genre


Establish the style of your work and look for publishing houses  you believe  print the same genre or type of book as you’ve written. You will not want to publish in a publishing house which releases many religious books, for instance, if yours is a fantasy or romance novel. There is a chance that it would work out, but it is remote.


2 – Inside the Booth


To be able to speak with whom you want, when you get into a booth, introduce yourself in a nice and polite way. Smiling is never a bad idea. Reach out to the closest sales person – and the one who seems most charismatic at first glance – and ask if there is a representative from the company at the booth. Explain that you are a new author and are looking for contacts with publishers. It works. Well, at least it worked for me. The biggest publishing houses that I inquired about attended to me promptly.


3 – Speaking with People


It’s also important to say that you are looking for a representative from the editorial section. You’ll need to give him or her a synopsis of your book and then ask how can you send it to the publisher. At this time, you need to be focused and attentive. Don’t be hesitant or too sensitive and keep in mind that criticisms are welcome and that you still have a lot to learn. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have control over your work. You do have control! Just filter the criticisms that you receive.


4 – The Publishing Houses


Take into account the differences and similarities between  publishers. Each one of them has a different way of receiving books, for example. Rocco only accepts submissions by email and the book has to be registered already, while Novo Conceito accepts work in different formats, the printed one being the most common. They also sometimes meet with aspiring writers face to face.


5 – The Book Fair


And finally, but no less important, try to go on the first days of the event. It’s when the publishers are there in large numbers, especially on the first 2 days of the book fair. Remember that if you really want to publish a book, you’ll need feedback. The fair is a nice place to get that!   On Widbook you receive feedback on your work, from fellow users and our professional team. Join now!


By Juliana Rios.

Juliana is a Brazilian author who is writing “O Legado da Luz” on Widbook: “My book is just starting to come together and Widbook is helping me to push forward. If it were up to me, it would become the biggest platform for books and writers to meet each other on the internet. I hope it will happen!”. She visited the 16th annual Bienal do Rio de Janeiro, one of the biggest book fairs in Brazil, and she was looking forward to contacting and meeting publishers in order to be able to publish her book in hard copy. Take her tips!



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