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An Interview with Leigh Andrade

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Just in time for the holiday season comes, “Wishing,” a story about a woman who won’t let anything keep her from assisting her forgetful husband – you can read the ebook for free by clicking here. Wishing was selected eBook of the week for good reason-but I don’t want to give anything away! Instead, we have an interview with the author, Leigh Andrade. Leigh hails from Toronto, and has recently adopted an adorable nine month old Yorkie mix puppy, Walter.


Congratulations on “Wishing” being selected as ebook of the week. It’s very well deserved. The story kept my interest to the end and I love your writing style! Let’s get started. Why don’t we begin with you telling us a little about yourself?

I’m a Canadian who loves snow, knitting, and a good book. Right now most of my time is spent with my new puppy, Walter – he’s a joy!


I love dogs! Tell us about Walter.

I’ve only had Walter for a few days, and I adore him. He’s a very affectionate Yorkie mix and almost nine months old. He’s a bit of a nervous Nellie, but he’s adapting well. And he loves to walk around on just his back legs!


How cute! It sounds like you’re going to have a hard time telling him, “no!” Okay, back to talking about books and writing. Did you always want to be a writer?

I’ve been writing fiction since I was a child, and it feels like writing has always been a part of who I am. My head is crammed full of ideas, and I just have to write them down!


What inspired you to write this particular story?

I love Christmas. The music, the decorations, the time with family – it’s definitely my favorite time of year. So when I started to think about making my writing available online, it made sense to start with something I love.


What else have you been working on?

I have two other short stories published on Widbook: ‘Waiting’ and ‘World of Grey.’ I’m trying to move beyond my comfort zone and write something a bit longer, more in the novella category. I’m currently editing an LGBT coming-of-age story, and trying my hand at something supernatural.


Do you set aside a special time to write?

I just write when inspiration hits. I’ve tried scheduling time before, but my writing then feels forced and stilted. So there can be days off in between writing sprints, but I’m a lot happier with the results.


What is the easiest part about writing? On the flip side, what is the most difficult?

The easiest part is the first draft, because the ideas just pour out. The hardest is sharing the results with the public!


Do you read a lot? What is your favorite genre?

I read a ton, mostly eBooks. My Kobo eReader lives in my purse! I love Douglas Adams, but I will read anything that strikes my fancy. I do really enjoy YA though.


How has Widbook.com been helpful to you as an author?

It has given me the confidence to share more of my work. The online community is wonderful and the reader feedback has been really helpful.


How did you learn about Widbook.com?

I read an article about Widbook when it first launched, and it sounded like a fantastic idea. It’s a more immediate and personal way to connect with readers; my previous attempts at publishing an ePub felt like whispering in a screaming crowd.


One last question. Just for fun–what is your favorite quote?

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.” Christopher Reeve.


That’s a great quote! Thank for sharing that, and thank you for taking time to talk with us today.

Thanks! This was fun!


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