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Eva - Widbook's Author

“The magical of digital writing is that it is reachable to everyone” by Eva

To begin the month we´ve selected the book Aliya Journey written by Eva Levin. It’s a great touching story where everybody can relate to it.

Eva is a young writer from Argentina. Her big inspiration on writing started when she was a little girl and, got influence by all the countries and cultures she and her family have traveled throughout the years.

Her book is a narrative of the most peculiar characters and situations in life. It’s a journey of learning and letting go the past.

For her, the Aliya Journey story begin when she moved to Israel years ago and, it made her realize how much she has achieved so far. We have the pleasure to get in touch with this talent young writer who is so inspiring and passionate about writing.

“Eva, we wish you the best on your journey to success” Widbook Team

About the Writer

Eva was born in Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Her dad is Jewish and her mom Atheist. As a little girl, she and her parents traveled the world and finally settled back in Argentina with the birth of her little brother when she was 4yrs.

In 2001, with Argentina’s economic collapse, Eva and her family moved to Florida, in USA. During her High School years in the U.S she was involved in the school’s Magnet Art Program for analog photography. That is when she discovered her love for documentary photography and fell in love with the darkroom. Then she went on to study at a college called New World School of the Arts in Miami, but left only a year when she realized her heart desired was to be in the Holy Land.

She moved to Israel in 2009, when she was 20yrs. In Israel she finished her BA in New Media and Communications at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications at the Interdisciplinary Center of Herzliya. During her university time, she began to write for a website called where she developed a more technical style of writing.

She finally realized that the two true passions of her are literature and art; she applies for the 2013 Summer Publishing Program at Columbia University, in US.


  • roberta

    Like the post very much. Hope for more posts coming soon.

  • B.

    I read this book and really… it’s worth it. Congrats to Eva.

  • Benny

    I’m so proud of you my little sister!!
    your life story sounds so perfect cuz you’re
    sooo perfect:)))

  • widbookblogadmin

    Nice book. Starting to read it now. By the way… Benny, do you write just like Eva? ;)

  • Fred

    Nice book. Starting to read it now. By the way… Benny, you also write? Or just Eva? ;)

  • Nicholson

    Nice book for a printed version! Congrats!!

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