A Great Story Always Comes From Within! with Anna Baccarat

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What if you have the chance to go back in time and change few things, would you do that? Maybe a few people would it!

The book selected was the enlighten [Encontros e Desencontros em Paris] written by Anna Baccarat and published on Widbook. The narrative is an epic novel about a couple who felt in love in the early 30´s, in France.  Is a sweet and companion narrative that will make you realize how people can change when it comes to love.

Encontros e Desencontros by Anna Baracat








Anna is a Brazilian young author who is passion about writing.

She began reading her first novel when she was about 9yrs, and got influenced by the talent writer Cecilia Meireles (1901-1964).

The idea of writing the book come from the old movies, and the main character on the book was inspired by Gabrielle Chanel. To start, she posted two first chapters of her book first, and then she chooses to post the others stories written afterwards.

All the stories were inspired by experiences she has had in the past, and from others related to old tales. Anna admits that she is addicted to old fashion literature. Also, she is a book lover, and has a room full of poems!

Anna Baracat








We ask the author to let us know what was her advice for Widbook users about writing – “I would like to say that all the pain, and hope, and the old poem you have kept inside of you can turn into a great story, even though the hope you have with you can be renew it. Also, attention to grammar and spelling words when you write. Make sure to revise your work when you´re done. I bet you always will find a misspelling or something like that and, for sure, you will always find a room for improvement” she said.

According to Anna “Widbook it is a great place for writers where you can easily follow authors and highlight some quotes that you like the most. The writing options are great, but you need to be aware of the writing page before returning to the main menu. Always save your content, otherwise, you´ll lose the content you wrote.  I think that the collaborative platform is an ‘innovative way’ to gather everybody who loves to read and write in just one place.”


  • Pedro Gentil

    Parabéns !!
    Não pare as esse mundo infinito!!!
    Fica com DEUS .

  • Joaquim Dianat

    Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really fantastic your book!

  • Anna Baccarat

    Thanks Joaquim! (:

  • Weslley Costa

    A Bu é foda, gosto muito dela c:

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