7 Videos that Inspire and Teach Writers

7 Videos that Inspire and Teach Writers

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is certainly worth many more words to a writer. There are instructional videos for just about any task you set out to perform, and writing is no different. The writing arena has numerous videos circulating on the internet that can help teach writers to improve on their craft and inspire the words to flow. Regardless to what writing category you work in, or desire to work in, there is something for everyone:


The Nobel laureate of Ireland, Seamus Heaney, passed away in August of this year. Poets can be inspired by hearing this legendary poet read his award winning poem, “Blackberry Picking”, in this video on the Poetry Foundation’s website.


Lee Guttkind has been called “the Godfather of creative non-fiction”. In a panel at a creative non-fiction writing conference Guttkind organized, various non-fiction authors answer questions about non-fiction writing, from how to publish to editing and re-writing, in this video from the C-Span Video Library.


Kurt Vonnegut is one of the world’s most influential fiction writers. Whether penning a novel, a short story, or something in between, fiction writers of all levels can learn from Vonnegut in this video where he discusses “the shapes of stories”.


Professor Mark Grabowski gives journalistic writers one of the best lessons a journalist must learn: how to write a lead. Grabowski’s tips are easy to understand in this video.


Dr. Kathleen Andrews from California Southern University sets out the basics of academic writers in this video from CalSouthern Psychology in a simple to understand manner that can help beginning and experienced academics.


Richard Manning, television writer and executive producer of hit shows Farscape, Sliders, and Star Trek: The Next Generation, shares his knowledge on writing a one hour drama pilot show in this video from the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program.

Classic Literature

Duke Media Group has made studying classic literature easy and entertaining, with a series of videos in the Classic Literature Series. Learn about the lives and inspiration of Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, and Jane Austen, in these videos:





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