5 Tips to Make Your Book Become a Bestseller

5 Tips to Make Your Book Become a Bestseller

By on August 27, 2013 . Category Column

By Stephanie M. Clarke

Many writers believe if they simply write a book it will skyrocket to the top of the bestseller lists across the world and make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. While the process of a book climbing the ladder of success isn’t quite as simple as that, there are five tips you can use to drive your book to the top of every reader’s and bookseller’s lists.

1. Write a good story.

Every writer believes the stories he or she writes are good. The truth of the matter is, every book could use improvement, even some of those published by big publishing houses by their top writers. Write the best story you can write. Don’t cut corners on editing and revising, even if it means going over the story with a fine toothed editing comb several times.

2. Utilize your social media networks.

Take a page from the 50 Shades of Grey publicity strategy. Author E. L. James is well known for using Facebook to post personal pictures, share links to other content that is connected to her books, and using photos of items that may represent a visual reference for scenes in the works. Readers like to connect with authors.

3. Build a street brigade.

Readers will trust the opinions of their close friends before they will those of booksellers. If you can gather a group of readers who love your book, they’ll happily spread the word to those in their social circles. This street team has more coverage possibilities than many pricey marketing strategies, and it’s pretty much free.

4. Write the book you want to read.

According to Nora Roberts, a writer shouldn’t write something he or she wouldn’t read for pleasure. Your story should be one you feel strongly about and one you enjoy writing. Your investment in your subject will be contagious to readers.

5. Write the next book as soon as you finish the first.

Most bestselling authors can tell you their first book may not have been their success story. Their third may not have grazed the charts. However, one thing has been proven time and time again in the publishing world: the more books you write, the more readers will find you. Continuously give readers access to your work and you may find earlier books climbing the bestseller charts well after their release dates.


*Stephanie M. Clarke is an Americam Psychologist, blogger and author,  who writes on Widbook’s blog weekly about the literature universe


  • Viris Roye

    Thanks for your tips, however desire to write about five books.and perhaps more to come as am new to
    this writing thing…am yet not a writer but who knows.

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