34 Reasons Why You Should Read More

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While we use to say that anything in excess would be a problem, to read is an act which has no anti indication. Have you ever seen somebody having overdose of reading? It’s really  hard to imagine something like that.

Anything you choose to read will bring you benefits, being magazines, newspapers, a blog like this one, encyclopedias, comic strip… but nothing is compared to a good book! There are so many advantages for who create the habit of reading, that we chose 34 reasons why reading is so beneficial:

1 – It increases a lot your writing

2 – Expands your vocabulary

3 – It improves your analytical abilit

4 – and makes you smarter

5 - It motivates you to act

6 – You will be upgraded with a lot of subjects

7 - and become more skilful on conversations

8 – Reading reduces your stress

9 - and increases your imagination

10 – It improves your memory

11 – Brings you to another places

12 – Your brain will positively react and you will learn things faster

13 – It is good for your self discipline

14 – and your self-confidence

15 – It is one of the best tools to promote your creativity

16 – You become more reflective

17 – It is pleasurable to read what you like

18 – And if you don’t like what you are reading, at least you are going to learn a lot

19 – It is also good for your personal marketing

20 – It opens your mind

21 – and helps you to spend your spare time

22 – Reading is good to avoid Alzheimer

23 – It boosts your concentration

24 – You can read anywhere

25 – Provides foundation to defend and sustain ideas

26 – Increase the ability to argue

27 – Books are always (or on the big majority of times) better than the movies

28 – It sharps the brain, cause it requires greater amount of brain connections

29 – As much as you read more culture you adquire

30 – You will articulate better and have more power to influence people

31 – You accumulate a lot of knowledge. And nobody takes away knowledge from you…

32 – It gives you a good base for your decisions

33 - If you are reading an ebook it shows that you are modern and updated with new technologies

34 – You can find good and free writing in platforms like Widbook :)

Have a good reading!


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    I really enjoy the blog.Much thanks again. Great.

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    Could you please address the typos in this as I’d love to share it with my learners and parents?

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