2013 Top Five Highlights on Widbook – By Lorena Berini

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The year of 2013 was a landmark. It will be remembered by the people we’ve met, for the books we’ve started to read and the great challenge we’ve had to face: to achieve every day a new dream.

The dream of those who designed it, the dream of those who embraced the idea with their hearts and those who work to keep making it happen, and especially of those who love reading and writing.

We’ve had many good things throughout the year, but I would like to share my top 5.


We have an app

How amazing is that? It’s incredible; most people nowadays access all kinds of things by mobile, so when the first version of the app (available for free for iOS and Android devices) came out was a great joy for us. It was an essential step and we would like to thank all who have downloaded it so far.


We’ve reached 100.000 users

When I started at Widbook there were only eight thousand users. The growth has also affected our numbers. Widbook now has more than one hundred thousand people sharing a common love: books.


Our lovely new homepage

It is impossible to not admire our new homepage.  It is a big change from the old one. There are photos of all the staff, there is a Help Center and instructions of how the platform works.


What does Widbook do?

There’s always that one story that you want to share, either because it made you smile, think or moved you in a way.  On Widbook we have some incredible features this year.

If you like a story you can recommend it or give your opinion to help the writer to continue the work. You can also collaborate with the writer’s book in any way he needs, you can highlight the part of the book that you like the most. There are so many things you can do. Another amazing thing is bookmark the book that you are reading. Lovely features for a lovely platform.


Good books and authors earn recognition

Each day is an amazing experience of discovering new books and new authors. And the best part of it all is that the authors and the books are gathered in one place. I came across very good content and new authors who really want to make a difference. And they are all at Widbook, because they know we can provide recognition worldwide.


By Lorena Berini, member of the Widbook Team, Q.A and Support. Lorena has been working on Widbook for almost one year. She’s 20 years old and currently living in Campinas-Brazil. She has guaranteed the quality of the site, receiving feedback of the users, contact them and working with the BI Analyst.


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