2013 Top Five Highlights on Widbook – By Breno Spadotto

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2013 was pretty much like a thermometer for all of us at Widbook. When you deal with people and works that are essentially creative and the result of creative minds (ebooks), each day is a brand new opportunity to learn more and a new chance to change something that isn’t quite perfect. And that is what we did in 2013: we changed lots of things. I won’t diminishthe importance of smaller facts, but I’d really like to tell you what for me are the TOP 5 facts in 2013 regarding Widbook.


BEA, NY and lots of new experiences

BEA was our first real offline “hello, world!” to the market and book lovers. Book Expo America gave us a good panorama on how the market and people behave and how Widbook caught attention from those who passed by to ask “what do you guys do?”. My personal experience of going back to New York after many years was also truly enriching.


Do you know “Love Race”?

We can’t forget that even with a screen separating us, the network is made of people, essentially of people. This was the sensation that I remember from receiving Bel Watson on Widbook, coming from another site with the desire to discoverwhat Widbook was all about. I usually quote Bel because of the contact that we had from the beginning, but we also have other cool cases inside the network, such as: Yohana Ekky, Fernando Palacios, Black Ink, Chelsea and many others.


“Are you from Widbook?”

Everything was an idea at one point, and it wasn’t different with Widbook. Our network was just an idea at one time. When you are on the journey from the beginning, it’s common not to stop sometimes and see how big things are getting. But I had a small demonstration of how great Widbook is getting and that people enjoy what’s being created. It happened when I was at Starbucks here in Brazil and a tall woman came toward me from where she was sitting, looked at the t-shirt I was wearing (a Widbook t-shirt) and asked “you work at Widbook?”. As it happens, she had been in contact with the network a few days earlier and was really enjoying the idea. That made me realize that we are creating something very valuable for the world.


The team is bigger now

In the midst of many changes that we experienced this year, the team got bigger. What just a few people did in the beginning, is now being handled by more people, and as a result, all features and new things that you see online can be treated with special attention and better quality. Besides that, we now have an office in San Francisco, which represents a big step towards what we crave.


Frankfurt Book Fair

First of all, I have to confess that as soon as the airplane landed in Germany, I was already in love. There is no way around it. Everything was just perfect and we had the chance to check out the largest book fair in the entire world, as exhibitors. Big place, cool people, tons of book lovers and many important players in the market. Without a doubt, it was a unique experience. Many ideas and insights came from the talks that we had in Germany, and you will all be able to check out the great new things that we have for Widbook.


By Breno Spadotto. Breno is part of the Community Team at Widbook. He is 24 years old and currently based in Brazil. He was one of the first to join Widbook’s team and now he takes a deeper look on what is happening inside the network. We can say Breno is a bridge between all Widbook authors and writers and the Widbook staff.


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